The Founder

Hi, my name is Maggie.

I’m a late-20’s adventurer and entrepreneur living in Chicago. I am passionate about all types of freedom, but also enjoy athletics, buying plants, and wandering. My go-with-the-flow personality and bigger-than-life dreams consistently lead me into trying new things, meeting new people, and asking for directions from strangers. When not running on trails, singing in the shower, or experimenting in the kitchen, I can be found soaking up local café vibes, laughing at my own How I Met Your Mother jokes, listening to early 2000’s punk-pop on repeat, and writing run-on sentences that capture my every thought.

I am also a survivor of trauma. I also spend a lot of time binge-watching silly television shows and eating chocolate. I have dug through my past, forgiven my abusers, and consider myself “present” in my current life. I am still triggered regularly, find myself randomly exhausted, and have a hard time being 100% myself 100% of the time, even around those I love.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to find your core values. To figure out what matters to you, what you wake up for each day, what you call truth, what you call “right.” You get to decide what is worth fighting for, and what you can say “no” to. You get to decide what kind of person you want to be and who you want to spend time with and what you want to focus on. We are all the main characters in our own story, and we do get to decide what makes up that character.

And it’s so important to have that to hold onto. Because we all know that there’s so much we can’t decide on; so much we can’t control. There’s things that will happen around us, to us, and because of us that will hurt, that will push us to the edge of our strength. But when you have that foundation to stand on, you get to feel a little stronger, fight a little harder, and enjoy the fulfillment that no matter the outcome of what you’re dealing with, you are true to yourself.

And that’s something to be proud of. That breeds confidence. That breeds trust. That breeds the strength we often find ourselves admiring in the people we look up to. I have lived the journey of discovering and embodying this concept, and I want nothing more than to help others find the resolve and peace that can exist within.

While I am open about my past physical and emotional experiences, I much prefer to discuss them in an open dialogue. So please, let’s start one.

** I am not a licensed therapist. Or any kind of therapist for that matter. I have never been a licensed therapist and I don’t intend on becoming one. I am not an expert in the field of trauma. All of my content is made up of opinions that are my own, based off of personal research and experience. If you are in need of professional help, I will gladly provide various resources which you may use, or I will advise you to look elsewhere. **