The Founder


Hi, my name is Maggie.

I’m an early 30’s adventurer and entrepreneur living in Chicago. I am passionate about all types of freedom, but also enjoy athletics, buying plants, and wandering. My go-with-the-flow personality and bigger-than-life dreams consistently lead me into trying new things, meeting new people, and asking for directions from strangers. When not running on trails, singing in the shower, or experimenting in the kitchen, I can be found soaking up local café vibes, laughing at my own How I Met Your Mother jokes, listening to early 2000’s punk-pop on repeat, and writing run-on sentences that capture my every thought.

This is exactly what my dating profile reads, too. In case you were wondering. Yea, I’m still very single.

I am also a survivor of trauma. I spend a lot of time binge-watching silly television shows and eating chocolate. I have dug through my past, forgiven my abusers, and consider myself “present” in my current life. I am still triggered regularly, find myself randomly exhausted, and have a hard time being 100% myself 100% of the time, even around those I love.

But mostly, I’m here for a good time. If we’re gonna be here, we may as well make the most of it, right? We’re all survivors in our own way. And as far as I’m concerned, we’re all brothers and sisters in this wild ride we call life. Ideally, supporting one another and learning to thrive, not just survive. Did I get cliche enough, here? Hope so.