The Story

So you know what M.A.V.E.R.I.C.K. is, but where did it come from?

Here’s the story…

I (Maggie) have lived my entire life trying to please other people. Via school, sports, instruments, jobs, relationships… my only purpose was to make sure others could be proud of me and comfortable having me in their lives.

meandhimAfter graduating college with every honor I could get my hands on, I married a respectable young man right away. We bought a house, and a dog, and I made sure there was a meal on the table when he got home from his 9-5. We both provided service to the community, spent time with family on the weekends, went to church, and lived our picture-perfect little life together.

The truth under the surface was that I was dying. I didn’t know who I was. I was completely lost, and unhappy, and unfulfilled, living a life I assumed everyone would be proud of, but I wasn’t.

In a desperate attempt to start living, I left everything, packed a backpack, and headed out on the Appalachian Trail. With just me, myself, and I to answer to, I finally took a deep breath. For the first time, I let myself be 100% myself. I let myself think the thoughts I was avoiding: I don’t love or feel loved by my husband. I don’t believe in the religion I say I’m a part of. I am bored and unconnected where I live.

IMG_4519After sorting out all of the pain and determining what I didn’t want, I had to figure out what it is I did want. I didn’t know where to begin and I was overwhelmed by the thought, “I don’t know who I am.” So I did the only thing I knew I could do. I sat down with a blank sheet of paper and wrote down everything that was important to me.

That’s when M.A.V.E.R.I.C.K. was born.

While there were other words, values, and phrases included when I first started jotting down notes, the words that spelled out “M.A.V.E.R.I.C.K.” were glowing on the page. I immediately looked up the definition of “maverick” itself, and it described exactly how I was feeling.

It was then I made a decision.


M.A.V.E.R.I.C.K. would be my foundation; my moral code; my own personal checks and balances system to make sure I never fell into another people-pleasing rhythm ever again. And while old habits die-hard, and I still find myself wondering what others think of me and whether or not I am pleasing them, I am much more capable and confident to bring myself back to… myself.

My hopes are that this story resonates with you in a raw and authentic way. M.A.V.E.R.I.C.K. may be an acronym for the things I stand for, but the heart of the matter is that we all have a different combination of greatness that makes us, us. Do the work, find yours. And let it propel you into your truest self. The MavPack is here to support you! Don’t know where to begin? Click here and let me know – I want to help!