Freedom Lifestyle Instigators



I decided to give myself a title. It’s “Freedom Lifestyle Instigator.”

I’m definitely looking for some team-mates to take on the world with!

To instigate is to provoke, to stimulate, to encourage, or to push to some action. Living the MAVERICK-way is not something that comes easily. Demanding the best for your life, embracing your flaws, and choosing to listen to your gut more often than logic will be something that people question and disapprove of. Taking risks and glorifying your mistakes will seem crazy to the people around you BUT, we will push through that. We will stick to our guns and stand firm in our truths and let the world see that all this crazy is exactly how we live the lives others only ever daydream about.

When I picture MAVERICK being a “success,” I picture a bunch of young adults experiencing travel, community, music, connection, art, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, service… I picture all of us having the freedom to decide how our day is going to go without any obligation, without any hindrance of time or money.

Beyond that, I imagine us with the power to impact the world. With the right resources we could choose to spend our money on products and services that are in alignment with our morales and ethics. We could choose to spend our time researching, inventing, serving, exploring… 

Shut your eyes for a minute. What do you day dream about? If you had unlimited time and money what would you do? Who would you see? What would you spend it on?

What if I said all of that was possible?
I have that opportunity… and I want to share it!

If you’re interested in how you can becoming a FLI-ing MAVERICK, click here to connect!