Defining Your WHY

No more excuses. I have a routine, I am settled, I have time.

So in this moment, I find myself wondering why I am not using this available time to pour into MAVERICK. Not long ago this vision kept me awake at night; it had me jumping out of bed in the morning; it had me practically falling off the social spectrum.

I had an inescapable drive to see my vision become a reality.

Where’d it go?

And maybe I’m over-complicating a really simple excuse. I did travel. I did move. I did put long hours in at my day job. I am in the middle of “finding my feet” in a new city. Maybe those things have simply resulted in me giving myself a break.

Maybe I just have to get back into momentum.

I have been feeling really defeated regarding MAVERICK these past few weeks. I have been disappointed in how little time, effort, or thought I’ve put into it. I have been embarrassed by how much I have been loving my day-job, because I had made such a declaration that MAVERICK was going to become my day-job. I have been overwhelmed by how cloudy the vision has become — what was it that I was hoping to create with all this anyway?

But this idea of getting back into momentum has never left me. The feelings around MAVERICK in the last weeks may have lead me to a place of defeat, but my core continues to blaze with determination. I can’t ignore that.

Now that my life is becoming “normal” again, I’ve been able to recognize how much I care about MAVERICK. I may have let the vision become blurry as I embraced change within my life, but my insides still clench with fervor when I think about getting back into momentum.

So now what? I still have the passion. I still have the desire. That much is clear.

What’s going to get me moving? What’s going to sharpen the vision and keep me going no matter what?

It’s the WHY.

I mean why do we do anything that we do? Because the reasons behind us wanting to overcome the reasons of us not wanting to. Or, the pain of being stuck where we are far outweighs the difficulties of the hard work to get where we want to be. For example, we succeed at a health and fitness routine because the idea of body confidence and looking great in a bathing suit override the self-doubt and insecurities that come with being out of shape. And we can overcome the instant gratification of red velvet cake, right? Maybe…

So what are my why’s for MAVERICK?

I think they can be separated into two different categories: For Others and For Myself. (One of the reasons For Myself being the fulfillment of doing things For Others, of course!)

MAVERICK is what helped me step into a confident and fulfilling life. I was able to discover who I am and boldly live my life according to those truths, instead of getting steamrolled by what others wanted my truths to be. Shouldn’t everyone get that chance? Shouldn’t everyone be given to tools to live their lives to the fullest as well? And no, I can’t imagine this way is for everyone, but if this helps even 1 other person, it’s got to be worth it, right?

That’s a huge WHY right there. What if I was given a gift to change people’s lives for the better? People who could then influence the world for the better? There’s clarity in the vision, an “oomph” in the momentum, knowing that in some way shape or form, the world needs MAVERICK.

Knowing that something I do effects positive change in the world…? Yea, that makes me smile. It makes me feel special. It makes me feel purposeful and alive. So maybe I lean-in a little harder because it feels good! There’s nothing wrong with that!

And finally – we all know how I feel about a freedom lifestyle. It’s a such a cliche term these days, but I don’t care! I love it! I long for it! I need it. I don’t think I can live any other way, truth be told.

I have met so many great people who are content working 40+ hours a week at a job they are kinda-sorta interested in because they see it as a means to enjoy the rest of the hours with people that make them happy. And that’s fine. It works for them. It’s “the way it is.”

But that’s not me.

I am passionate. I am impulsive. I have a short attention span. I need creativity. I need change. I need travel. I need ownership of decisions. I need a continuously growing network of people and ideas. I need challenges. I need recognition. I need honesty. I need teamwork. I need flexibility.

Please tell me what can meet every expectation of that job description? Nothing I can think of.

Except entrepreneurship.

And sure, it’s hard. It’s hard to take a risk and try new things and know that you’ll probably fail 1000+ times before you get where you want to be. BUT… there’s always a but… if you end up with a life that exemplifies everything you could have ever possibly dreamed up, isn’t it worth it?

This is WHY.

Because I refuse to settle for anything less than my dream life. Because when I picture my life 5 years from now, it’s not doing the same thing I’m doing now. Instead, it’s full of adventure, and friends, and income, and growth… and freedom. Freedom to choose how I spend my time, who I spend it with, and where I spend it at.

So, as always, I don’t have all the answers. But I do have my answer. And that is MAVERICK. This brand is my way to effect positive energy into the world. This brand is how I help others recognize greatness in themselves, while continuing to discover my own. This brand is how I make income doing something that is both fulfilling and challenging. This brand is how I live life by design instead of by default. This brand is how I will link arms with my future best friends and business partners who have the same fire in their bellies.

This brand is a game-changer.


I am writing to you now as a sign of commitment. I am ready for whatever you have in store for us. I welcome clarity and persistence as the vision turns to goals, both long and short. I welcome the network of people you are already leading towards us.

I commit time. I commit effort. I commit action.

Let’s do this! *Enter super-cool secret handshake here.*

MAVERICK is moving into its next phase. I ask that as part of the Pack, you be open to change, open to new ideas, and open to honesty as I navigate the best path for this brand.

As part of the team, I welcome you into this journey. Be vocal, be honest, and have fun!

Let’s FLI, MavPack! Destination: paradise.

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