The Next Chapter!

As you all know by now (or if not, get on the Insta: @MaggieAdele_MAVERICK), I’ve been galavanting around New York for the last few weeks. It’s quite a magical story, actually. And amidst this holiday weekend, I have finally found a moment to share it.

Remember a little over a month ago when I wrote “Takin’ on the Jellies?” In it I shared the challenge of being over-looked in my place of work, and how I had to get my act together to overcome those feelings. I had to swallow my pride and recognize that even though I was a great employee, it didn’t mean I was going to get a daily pat-on-the-pack or gold plaque to tell me so. I had to admit my insecurities around achievement, and come to a place of humility and joy. After a few selfish rants, a few shots of whipped cream to the mouth, and a short angry-cry session, I realized that I could just be happy for the people around me.

When I let that bitterness go, I realized that it was not only less exhausting to hold onto it, but that feeling of being genuinely happy for the successes of others actually was more fulfilling than the pat-on-the-back I was seeking.

So, okay. That was part 1: letting go of this gross feeling. Part 2 was recognizing the interference this feeling was playing with all my positive vibes! I’m always talking about putting out good energy to receive good energy and focusing on what you want to find, yet here I was circling around the negative green monster and expecting all this great stuff to happen. No such luck.

Back to letting it go; to turning it all around. In the midst of this “stuff,” I had decided to also stand up for myself and transfer from one sector of the company to another. And it kind of broke my heart, because I had become really committed to this segment of the brand in the last year. It was new, and I helped build it, and that meant something to me.

But, I also wasn’t willing to lower my level of self-respect just because I was passionate about a brand. I mean, I can find other things to put my energy into and find fulfillment, right? Like… right here?  As I’ve written before, I’ve always been a people-pleaser, and this was a defining moment for me, to recognize that people-pleasing was killing my spirit. This time I said, “no.”

Two great things: learn to lay down my pride and appreciate others regardless of how I am being appreciated, and learn to say “no” when things aren’t right. That felt good. No, the new position I was in wasn’t as fulfilling, but regardless I felt full of joy for the decisions I had made, and the good character I’ve now furthered.

And my goodness, did the universe also think so! Here’s where the magic enters. 3 days into training at my new position, and the CFO of the company called my new manager and asked for me by name. He said that the brand needed my help, and they were sending me to New York to be a part of the training team that would lead the new store to it’s grand opening.

Wow. Just wow! What an honor. Talk about a pat-on-the-back. I couldn’t believe it. The recognition I had been longing for less than a month prior to that moment had come back around ten-fold! … Only after I had let it go; decided to just “be.”

And just like that, I was back into the area of the company I felt so fulfilled by. Beyond that, I had been trusted to use my knowledge, experiences, and passion to influence the next wave of people who would carry on the spirit of the brand.

There was nothing like the feeling of walking into the store my first day. It was so “right.” I knew exactly where I was supposed to be, exactly what I was supposed to do, and I was 100% confident in my ability to do it well. And that feeling has not diminished over the course of my time here. In fact, it’s only snowballed into something greater.

I am excited to announce that what began as an albeit phenomenal, but temporary gig,  has turned into a permanent position. I get to remain within the brand. I get to remain an influencer and a leader. I get to continue to run with the trust and belief that the higher-ups have in me.

And I get to move to Chicago! Let the magic continue… (hope you prepared for a long read.)

Let me reference another former writing: In the Middle of a Shift. Because, was it not only a month ago that I said I felt like something big was coming? That things were going to change? That the things I was asking for and attracting were on their way to me? When I began writing that post I was feeling the lack and the impatience, but by the end I was feeling the excitement of being ready for it all.

And here it is.

So I am moving to Chicago in 2 weeks time. And yea, that means starting over in terms of housing, friendships, finding my favorite coffee shops and a determining a new running route… but it also means I get to make a “home.”

Seattle has been good to me, I’m not going to say anything otherwise. I have had great adventures, met some truly wonderful people and developed as an empowered individual. But, I really have struggled to see it as a permanent home. I didn’t have a whole lot going on outside of work, and whenever my path crossed with a potential significant other it seemed so fleeting. Most people I met seemed to be on their own personal journey, and Seattle had become a hub for people who were “passing through,” or “focusing on themselves.” Fair enough… I was too.

But I had mentioned in that post and in a few before it, that I was starting to feel ready: ready to share my life with another person, ready to put down roots and focus on adult friendships, ready to lock into more stability, ready to receive more love, more money, and more opportunity.


This new job comes with the expectation that I will be there for a few years. This new job comes with the opportunity to utilize my entrepreneurial spirit. This new job puts me in a town where I don’t go to work with every eligible bachelor I know. This new job comes with a new salary. This new job comes with more trust, and responsibility, and hope, and adventure, and…. needless to say, I have attracted something great here.

Chicago. Thank you, Chicago. And thank you, universe.

It’s true, my friends. All this patience, character building, positive-habit creating, and focusing really does unlock some incredible doors and create a healthy flow for your life. You’ve been with me through this whole ride. You’ve have a backstage pass to every high, every low, every thought (welcomed, or not), every setback, every gain… you’ve watched it happen.

And you’ll continue to see it expand, as I have every good intention in continuing to write and to share and to pursue the MAVERICK movement! Posts, ideas, events, books… everything we’ve created here is only going to get better and continue to grow!

My invitation to you after all this, is are you going to keep watching? Or are you going to join me? Are you going to start opening your own doors? Are you going to power through the rough-patches, reach out to other MAVERICKs, and create the life you want?

I hope so. Because I promise you it’s worth the hard work!

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