When Things Go Right

Can I just say a thing?

Everything is going so well!

When’s the last time you’ve been able to say that? It’s been a while for me. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of great stuff that has been happening in my life, but there’s always some nagging voice in my head, or some lingering sad-feeling, or something that makes enjoying the good stuff not as awesome as it could be.

That doesn’t exist right now.

And my normal response to moments like this – moments when everything seems to be working out – is fear. The typical reel that begins to play in my head:

  • “I don’t deserve this.”
  • “Something bad must be around the corner.”
  • “How am I gunna F it up?”

But this time, the voice isn’t there.



Love this photo – so much freedom! Pretty sure we were scream-singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

I can’t even begin to tell you how freeing it is to own that. To be able to say that things are going really well, and I DO deserve it; there’s only MORE good to come; and I am gunna ROCK it!

It’s amazing what changing your mindset can do. For months now I’ve focused on releasing the energy I want returned back to me.


  • Money – I trust and respect money. I have enough and I am grateful. I can be trusted with more.
  • Love – I give love well. I am capable of receiving love.
  • Friendships – My friendships are authentic and enjoyable. I deserve quality friendships I can trust.
  • Attitude – The world is working in my favor. Good things happen to me. Great opportunities and connections are all around me. I can embrace my life with joy and gratefulness because I trust that my purpose is real and important. When bad things do happen, I can choose to learn and grow and move forward, stronger than before.

Just to name a few…

When I first started training my brain to think that way, I felt silly. I had the mentality that I was “stuck,” that I didn’t know what I was doing, that I was dealt the wrong hand in life and just had to find a way to survive… probably alone and broke.

Thinking and declaring all those positive things made me roll my eyes. But I wanted so badly for things to be different. And the thing about wanting a different life is that you actually have to DO something different.

So I followed through.

Cut to today.

After a long, stressful, emotional, and work-filled summer I am happy to say that I am HAPPY. I have never felt this alive! MAVERICK is kicking major ass, I have bonded deeper with some amazing friends, I am making money doing things that I LOVE, I am no longer stressed at my day-job, I feel confident and full, like I am enough and I am successful and I know I’m just beginning this marvelous journey!

I want more. I crave more. I crave more fulfillment, I crave more authenticity, I crave more life-experiences with people I love, I crave financial freedom and time freedom.

More than that, I crave momentum. Because yea, I have figured out what works for me. But, I want you to feel it too. What is this life without other humans to share it with? And my friends, I want you to feel this freedom. To be filled with joy and hope and possibility. To take whatever circumstances you are in, whatever mindset is holding you back, and burst through into something greater. To step into a life you have only ever dreamed of living.

I have read things like this 1000x. I have heard the TED talks, read the self-help books, and gone to the weekend seminars. I have rolled my eyes at the “create your own life” motto and thought “sure, but that won’t work for me, you must be some one-of-a-kind-super-human.”

But you know what, guys? Eye-rolling got me nowhere. Critiquing what works for other people didn’t get me this life. DOING IT got me here. Putting in the work, pushing through the self-consciousness of it all, and deciding that I deserved every bit of happiness I craved.

So what can I do to help you? What can we do to help each other?

You are all amazing, inspiring, supportive, and BADASS HUMANS. Dream big, get risky, push the envelope, lean into what lights you up, and let’s re-dine the standard of existing.

When everything is going right… say “yes,” say “thank you,” say “I deserve this,” say “keep going.” Fear has no place here.

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