FLI With Me

First of all, a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you reading this. I am beyond honored to carry this MAVERICK-vision and to have been trusted with the task of bringing it to the world. But, you guys are the real champs. All the love and support and encouragement are what continue to fuel this project. #GRATEFUL

I have been challenged with the questions:
– “So, what is MAVERICK?”
– “What exactly do you do?”
– “How are you making money?”

I think it’s high-time I answer those. Challenge accepted!

What is M.A.V.E.R.I.C.K.?

We all know the acronym by now, right? Just in-case… Mindfulness. Authenticity. Vitality. Earth-Love. Raw&Real. Intensity. Creativity. Kindness. When I hit rock bottom (cue my quarter-life crisis) and had to ask myself who I really was, I began with a foundation of values. Those words, this acronym, is what resulted from that hard work.

MAVERICK is so much more than that though. It’s a movement, a community, a project… a lifestyle. That’s the best word I can think of. MAVERICK provides the inspiration, the support, and the space for you to discover your own foundation. It provides the opportunity for you to make mistakes, try new things, ask hard questions, change your mind, and to learn that the world needs more of exactly who you are.

Can I sum that up into a quick, pretty answer? No. And I hope I don’t ever have to. Because that’s not the point. I want the story, the messiness, the open-endedness… it’s what makes it so special! And maybe I’ll describe it in a different way every time, because it keeps evolving. And maybe when you share it with your friends or your co-workers you’ll describe it completely differently than I do because your heart understands it from a different perspective than I do. I hope so.

What exactly do you do?

Lots of stuff, actually! Obviously, I write. That’s the expression and the communication. The main piece of what I do within MAVERICK is live by example. I live my life out loud and I boldly share every ounce of it publicly in the hopes of inspiring others to lean into all of who they are, too.

I did decide to give myself a title. It’s “Freedom Lifestyle Instigator.”

To instigate is to provoke, to stimulate, to encourage, or to push to some action. I am aware that there’s usually a negative connotation associated with “instigator,” but I am going to roll with it anyway. The word “maverick” tends to have a negative connotation to it as well… but, hear me out!

Living the MAVERICK-way is not something that comes easily. Demanding the best for your life, embracing your flaws, and choosing to listen to your gut more often than logic will be something that people question and disapprove of. Taking risks and glorifying your mistakes will seem crazy to the people around you, and that negative connotation may exist. BUT, we will push through that. We will stick to our guns and stand firm in our truths and let the world see that all this crazy is exactly how we live the lives others only ever daydream about.

I will instigate, yes. But I also hope to lift you up. I don’t mind leading the way, but all this hard work will mean nothing if you don’t take what I’ve started and run with it. Take it further, push it harder, and spread the magic. I have no doubt in my mind that this lifestyle can impact the world for the better. It just needs a few instigators!

Wow, that was a long answer (as usual). But ok… yes, I write. Right now, that means blogs and social media posts. But, I hope to include books in the future.

I also speak. Right now, just in small groups. It’s pretty casual. But, I’d love to speak at events. Seminars, classes, meet-ups… I’m up for it all!

I also run. Right now, just for myself. But I look forward to a day when I am an avid competitor, wearing the MAVERICK logo, and instigating conversation about the direct correlation between running and life. (I could write a whole post just on that!)

There’s so much more I could list here. But, honestly, it all comes down to this: I live. I do what feels good, what feels right; I chase joy; I follow my intuition. All of those choices lead me here. The universe asked me to lean into living out-loud, and I said “yes.” We’ll see where it takes us next!

How are you making money?

This is the hard part. And I don’t mean that I’m struggling to make money, I mean that I’m struggling to talk about how. But, like I said earlier, challenge accepted.

I am a part of a networking marketing company. Funny how I lean into the words “maverick” and “instigator” with their negative connotations, but the negativity around “network marketing” seems to get me tongue tied.

But I’m choosing to let that go. And I’m ready to tell you why.

The company I choose to connect with is absolutely amazing. When checked against all of my MAVERICK values, they passed the test with flying colors!

I partner with Isagenix: a health and wellness company. They are privately-held, family-owned, and lead with the motto “if it’s not right for the customer, it’s not right for Isagenix.” They provide nutritional products with non-compromise ingredients while also providing an opportunity for anyone to generate income on their own time, in their own way, with full company-support.

This is a company that I believe in.

So, what’s the hard part? Well, up until now I felt like I was selling nutrition. Selling products. And don’t get me wrong, that’s important. And, true. But, it’s not me.

Since starting MAVERICK, I realized that there’s more. I see now that I have the opportunity to provide freedom. I mean what is all this MAVERICK stuff for anyway if we’re not going to end up living a life that we love?!

When I picture MAVERICK being a “success,” I picture a bunch of young adults experiencing travel, community, music, connection, art, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, service… I picture all of us having the freedom to decide how our day is going to go without any obligation, without any hinderance of time or money.

Beyond that, I imagine us with the power to impact the world. With the right resources we could choose to spend our money on products and services that are in alignment with our morales and ethics. We could choose to spend our time researching, inventing, serving, exploring… do you see where I’m going with this!?

Shut your eyes for a minute. What do you day dream about? If you had unlimited time and money what would you do? Who would you see? What would you spend it on?

What if I said all of that was possible? I have that opportunity… and I want to share it!

This company really does get it right. We work together as a team – everyone helps everyone. There’s unlimited potential for growth. There’s no inventory to hold onto. There’s no quotas or deadlines. You get all of the events, training and resources you could ever want, to figure out what works best for you. You get to partner with an ethical and environmentally friendly name. You get access to some of the highest quality nutritional products I have yet to find (vegan friendly, too!). And did I mention that you get to eat your overhead? That’s kind of awesome, right?

Anyway. That’s how I support myself and this whole MAVERICK movement. I eat healthy food and I share freedom. It’s pretty amazing, and I’m not going to keep it to myself anymore. Because, MavPack, I want you to have the same!

Hit me up if you want more info. Choose “FLI Opportunity” from the subject box.

I’m really excited to talk about this more. I’ve been so afraid to be “the friend who sells stuff.” But, I feel pretty empowered to now be “the friend who helps people change the course of their lives.”

Why do I call it the “FLI Opportunity?” Because I imagine all us freedom lifestyle instigators FLI-ing together under the MAVERICK name. Let’s all work together to change our lives and make an impact on our world.

You in?

I’ve already started planning the pep talks, the get togethers, the vision-board workshops, the tastings, the events… we’re gunna have a blast!

FLI with me, MavPack!

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