Find Your M.A.V.E.R.I.C.K.

An independent-minded person, individual, original, free spirit.

I decided to create a space to unapologetically be myself and to allow others to do the same; To create a community of support for those of us who are big-dreamers, who aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions, and who want the most from their lives.

We all need the freedom to be ourselves, whatever that looks like. This is a place to explore, to dream, to change, to learn, to take risks, and to make mistakes. My hope is that this movement creates a platform for us mavericks to pursue our goals and soar beyond our limits. By creating a community, we know that we can embrace our one of a kind nature, but we don’t have to do it alone.

“Maverick” is more than just a word.

It is also an acronym for what resides in my core: Mindfulness. Authenticity. Vitality. Earth-love. Raw&Real. Intensity. Creativity. Kindness.

M.A.V.E.R.I.C.K. is only a platform, the foundation to stand on while you figure out all the other stuff that makes you light up! I am firm believer that once you know your core values, you can build the confidence to do anything!


Never stop discovering who you are. Don’t be afraid to try new things, make mistakes, and forge your own path.

We were given life to live it abundantly; thrive, not just survive.